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Happy Howloweenie

The Picnic

Miss Honey wanted Master's phone number...She said She would be right back..What was she doing? She came back and said" I want you to come have lunch with me"..my heart pounded. She said she wanted me to bring a blanket,lotion, and a slavecraft. I want you to wear a colorful bra and a light colored shirt, She said. my brain was rushing..what will i wear? i felt myself craving to please Her..It had to be perfect.
She said do you have any question? i replied" No Ma'am".
I want You to do one other thing for me She replied. *gulp* Yes Ma'am? I want you to write down 5 things you want me to know about you. Do you go to lunch @ 12 Ma'am? Yes i do..When you get here my car is open, put the items in the car and text me and let me know you're here.

i grabbed a note pad and wrote down the 5 things i wanted Her to know.

2) Love Hard
3) Scared to let go
4) Playful
5) Service Oriented

i grabbed the lotion, blanket and the book and laid them by the front door. i was soo nervous and was worried i would forget something.
It was almost 830a i ran upstairs threw my clothes off and ran some hot bath water..the water was soo warm as i crawled in . i shaved my legs carefully...thinking i had to be extra careful because there's a possiblity she'll run Her fingers down my leg.
i lathered the shampoo in my hair and ran my fingers through it so that it was extra clean ..Pouring hot water over my head to rinse all the shampoo out, i rushed to get out of the bath and dry off..
The whole time i'm thinking i need for this to be special..i texted Master, Master may i go shopping for a new bra..Yes, He replied.

Ok, i applied my make-up threw some clothes on and ran out the door. Off to the department store..Shall i wear pink or purple? She said colorful. Purple it is..a soft shade not too dark not too light. i run out the door to my next task.
i had to make the most perfect lunch, i scrolled the grocery store for the softest bread i could find..Freshly shaved ham and turkey, havarti cheese(my fav).. leaf lettuce and fresh strawberries. oh yea i remembered She loves dill pickles..so i find the baby dills,they'll be perfect for our little picnic.
i ran home, made homemade whip cream, slightly sweetened for the strawberries..washed and cut the tops off the berries. Pickles in little bowl,made the sandwiches with a little extra love. Gotta have the chocolate...i had made Dollie Madison bars last night...so i cute some bars out and wrapped them up..i found a basket and laid the blue and white dish towel in the bottom..it was perfect for our picnic.
All the food was prepared ,now i needed to get the bottled water out of the freezer..all was ready..

One last thing, i ironed my black linen shorts Master bought me,a thin white tee almost like a babydoll top, my new purple bra that you could slightly see through my tee.

All ready, i ran out the door so i wouldn't be late. i'm soo excited, i've got butterflies, i'm singing loud and can hardly wait to see Miss Honey..

i get to the area where She works, i see Her car parked by the Palm tree,i walk up to the car lay down my basket of goodies and text Her..i sat there thinking oh my what if i'm in the wrong car? Wouldn't that be funny? i looked around and i see Her sketch pad ok,this is the right car, i look up and i see two clothes pins that say MissHoney..yes yes this is the right car...my heart is pounding, i'm curious what She'll be wearing..will her cleavage be exposed..She has the most beautiful chest, her skin an olive tone, Her beautiful red hair...She just glows when She smiles.

She opens the door, Oh SHE'S HERE!! She climbs in the car and it was all good..i relaxed knowing She would take care of me. All the nerves were gone..Her little pinkie rubbed against my leg, the slight touch of her pinkie brought the butterflies back ...Oh how She brings up soo many yummy feelings inside me..i felt alive.

We rode to the park, a simple little park where you could sit and look at the snow on the mountain top, She took the basket from me, i laid out the blanket. She kicked off her flip flops and we sat down....What did You bring us? She said. i began to pull the goodies out..so proud of myself and what i made for Her.
She was pleased with her sandwich, you could feel her approval...She leaned over and she kissed me..i was unaware that we were sitting in a park and if anyone was around us.. Her kiss was like an angel kissing my lips,so soft and gentle.

We sat and talked and stared in each others eyes, and we spoke from our hearts..It was innocent it was precious. She is a gift, i truely believe She came to me for a reason. How can i be soo blessed to have the best Master in the entire world and now this beautiful woman?

We talked about what we want, how we feel about each other..We both agree we diffently have an amazing connection.

to be continued....


i'm sooooooo excited..i'm going to a taping of the Bonnie Hunt Show this afternoon. Master's out of town so i've tried to find things to do.
Oh my gosh, i'm soo thrilled!1

my lil girl

For those who care

We have traveled from NC,Tennessee,Kentucky,Illinois,Missouri,Iowa,Nebraska,Colorado,Utah and tomorrow we finish up through arizona,Nevada and then home in California. Up to this point gone 2,560 miles.

I think Utah is the most beautiful state in the west with Colorado coming in second.That might sound strange but trust me when I say the mountains and canyons are amazing!! I scared Master to death when I walked out on a cliff this afternoon. I took some great pics and will post when I get a chance.

my lil soldier boy


Ok, here we are in California looking for a house. Think we have one just waiting on everything to come back..On the freeway yesterday this is the view we had...the clouds and mountains are soo beautiful.It's like someone painted a picture...excluding all the cars and signs.

Proud Mama

I’m soo very proud right now. My son’s been in boot camp now for 5 weeks. He called this afternoon about graduation. His father and I will be flying to Chicago Oct 23 for his graduation.

  Graduation is on Friday we’ll only get 2 hours to spend with him because he’ll fly directly to A-school after graduation.


  I keep seeing him when he was born only 19 years ago, 8lbs 12oz 21 inches he was such a beautiful baby.


  I keep hearing how the military breaks new recruits down so that they get in the right mindset. He’s had no outside influences. No TV, no books, no movies. He’s not even allowed to buy a magazine from the commissary. He makes 5 minutes calls to check in once in awhile. First time he’s ever been away from home and it seems he’s adjusting to his new life.



I can barely wait to see my boy, He’s made a lot of mistakes, but we’re starting a clean slate. I have so much respect for him for joining the military and getting away from all the negative influences in his life. He’s really come through and made me proud.

What happens in Vegas...

  i took Master to the airport @ 430 this morning. Thank God i had the Garmin GPS thingy, that bitch has become my bestest friend ever.

  .We have a love hate relationship,sometimes she takes me places i don't wanna go..Like scarey highways, ..the people drive crazy in Vegas. This morning tho, she was so nice to me and brought me right back to our resort. i was a little concerned with it being 5am and being alone in Vegas but it all worked out.
So i just picked Master up from the Vegas airport. He flew to Caballera(sp)
California for the day.  i had a rough day while he was gone. i went downstairs and laid out by the pool, the hardest part was when the sun would go behind Tower 2. i had to get up and go the other side of the pool. Anyway, i got through it, it was tough but i worked it out.. The best part of my day was floating in the pool with the noodle, i soo love watching the people behind my big sunglasses.

  Master is taking a cat nap before we leave for LE REVE..wooohoo..this girl is soo excited, my first show in Vegas. 
  Well, guess i should go iron something so we can go soon..Not sure why i'm ironing we're in the splash section..*giggles*




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